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Is Rihanna’s #R8 Era Shaping Up To Be Good or Bad?

April 6, 2015


In January, the world witnessed the pop Princess officially launching her long-awaited 8th era. The latter was lead by the single ‘Four Five Seconds’ featuring rapper, Kanye West and Paul McCartney and knowing Rihanna’s past lead single catalog, this is very disappointing. At first, I thought the song is a grower, but it just doesn’t do it. I do admit that it charted well, but Rihanna’s leads smash charts left, right and centre. Unfortunately, this did not measure up to its predecessors.

The Umbrella-singer moved on and launched her second single, ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ which I think its worse than the lead. It did smash the iTunes chart, ranking #1 in the US within minutes upon its release. But its no surprise because Rih can sell the hell out a single.

I am not sure which direction she is trying to take, but I am worried. I get that her recent singles are not ‘commercial’ but neither was ‘Rated R‘ but it had the most amazing songs ever to be recorded in her career. I hope she has amazing songs to release because these aren’t cutting the cookie. Check the songs out after the jump.

  1. Ohh permalink

    Uhm just for the record,you cant admit that FFS charted well.It charted well regardless.

    • Lol. I said I admit because I thought it wouldn’t chart that well…. But compared to her other leads, I would say its a ‘moderate’ hit.

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