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Off Topic: Downs of Life – Insecurities

May 3, 2014


Have you ever been told that you are the most amazing person in the world? I bet you have and you are. In life, we go through so much that we end up with self-doubt and low self-esteem. It does not matter who you are or where you from, insecurities do get the best of us.

Holding on to the past can put your future in misery. Yes, hurt is inevitable but that does not mean you have to sell yourself short of something that could possibly be the best thing in your life. That is not fair to you or anyone involved.

Insecurities make you feel like you are suffocating in your own sorrows and you just don’t know how to breakthrough from it. You pray so hard for strength and guidance, but moments later you still feel unsure. A never ending dark tunnel. You start to lose hope in love and the moment it comes your way, you try by all means to sabotage it. It’s more like “It’s better if I end it before he/she does, that way, it will hurt less” or  maybe “There are better looking and more educated people than me, why would she/he choose me? She/he deserves better’. What’s worse is, we keep looking for something that isn’t there at all. Our brains become so conformed to a point where delusion seems normal.

You find your heart and mind always racing with all sorts of fear and not knowing what to do or how to confront them. You do know for a fact that you are loved, but sometimes you wonder if the same events will occur and leave you in pieces for Wolves to feast on.

Identifying the root of the problem is hard and it is the only way you can get past  this. Many of us think being clingy or obsessed with your partner strengthens the relationship or makes a clear indication that you belong together. I have learned myself that it does not. It just pushes them away because they see lack of trust, independence and confidence.

That is why communicating is so important. Holding on to such hell will lead to self-destruction and it can have long term effects.

The most valuable lesson I have learned is, LOVE YOURSELF first. The future is uncertain. When you love someone, give it your all.  That is something I have been struggling with myself and I know most of you have too. Nobody is perfect. We all have our flaws and all. However, we are perfect for the heart that’s meant for us.

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  1. Lesego permalink

    Your best post thus far. Leave music and post more of these. Lol. Beautiful one babe. You’re such an amazing soul.

    • LOL… Thank you. But I cant leave music… Lol. Just it was a spare of the moment post. Wrote it around 3am.. Wasn’t feeling okay.. and thanks again.

  2. Nhlaxx permalink

    Lol… Well written Abe!!!!

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