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‘Applause’ and ‘Roar’ Dominate iTunes

August 13, 2013

Abe exported

Two of the most powerful pop forces have released their much anticipated singles just hours apart. Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ was released on its scheduled date, 13 August and it has since soared its way up to clock the top spot on the US iTunes chart. On the other hand, Lady GaGa’s ‘Applause’ saw an emergency release after Low Quality snippets of the song surfaced online.

It was a smart move GaGa made, because it would have killed the buzz should she have waited for its initial release date, 19 August. ‘Applause’ is currently #3 on the iTunes chart, just slightly behind Robin Thicke’s monstrous jam, ‘Blurred Lines’.

This is a vicious chart contest as both artists have massive fan base and an impressive previous chart runs. Who will emerge victorious? On the contrary, who will outsell who? Truly speaking, chart peaks are nothing to go by. Longevity is KEY.

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