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Album Review: Selena Gomez – ‘Stars Dance’

July 25, 2013

After a successful wave with Selena Gomez and The Scene, Selena took out “The Scene” in pursue of her debut solo effort, “Stars Dance”. The album has so far spawned a hit single, ‘Come & Get It’. Selena has enlisted some of the hot and current record producers in the business, such as The Cataracs, Toby Gad, Rock Mafia and the Norwegian producer, StarGate. The album is infused with pop, electronic, dance and dubstep. Below is a track by track review.


This song is very unusual and the production is very different to what’s on the radios today. It has an insanely catchy hooks and a monstrous sound. The vocals are on point and it is something you wouldn’t expect at all. A great song to open a record.


‘Slow Down’

This is a Cataracs produced cut and it has elements of dubstep and it will definitely take you straight to the dance floor. It is catchy, the lyrics are fun and the whole production just hits the nail. It was released as promotional single weeks before the album was released and thus far, it has peaked at #70 on the Billboard Hot 100 based on Digital sales alone.


‘Stars Dance’

In most cases, title tracks are the songs people look out for, before an album gets released and it has to be epic. Guess what? ‘Stars Dance’ is nothing short of that. The production is sizzling; it has a   dark, spine chilling and a pleasant feel. The vocals just blend in and everything is just well put. This mid-tempo cut is definitely the highlight of the album, on the contrary, one of the best pop songs to ever surface in a long time. Stunning record .


‘Like A Champion’

Another great one, this song is very Rihanna-sque, it’s reminiscent to ‘Man Down’. It’s like a happier version of it. Either way, it is an amazing song and I can see it being a smash single. It is catchy, inspiring and a breeze of fresh sound. The island feel to it makes it outstanding. Definitely one of the best highlights of the album.


‘Come & get It’

This Ester Dean and StarGate-penned cut is the first single from the album and it was a smash, peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. It is definitely one of Stargate’s best produced songs yet. The production is infused with tribal melodies and the hooks are haunting. One of the best songs on the record.


‘Forget Forever’

After the tracklist surfaced, I anticipated this track so much. I thought the title alone is interesting enough, but I was in for a disappointment. The uptempo cut is a let-down and there is nothing outstanding about it. It’s not horrid or excellent, but a good album filler.


“Save The Day’

A five-second snippet of this song surfaced two weeks prior to the album’s release and I knew this was going to be THEE SONG. This is a stellar cut and it’s another uptempo. Selena really did it with this one. It was love at first listen. The song starts off slow and builds up to an amazing, breath-taking chorus. The break down is EVERYTHING. It has to be a future single.  I just wish she had ad-libs during the last chorus, but it’s alright.



Yet, another uptempo and this one is pretty great as well. It is infused with electronic synths, but it’s nowhere near generic. It holds its own and the bass is heart throbbing and the clubs will eat this one up. Though is sounds in line with The Cataracs’ ‘Bass Down Low,’ it’s still an amazing song


‘Write Your Name’

Selena is really bringing up the uptempos with this record and they are so consistent. This one also starts of real slow and climaxes to a crazy break down during the chorus. The production is weird, in a good way. It reminds me of Lady gaga’s ‘Scheibe’, especially the rhymes after the bridge.  She can release this one to end the ‘Stars Dance’ era. Great song.



This one is a dance song and it is club ready. It’s fast paced during the chorus with heavy electronic synths. The pre-chorus is pretty stellar and when the beat kicks in during the chorus, it’s insane.


‘Love Will Remember’

This song is the closest to a ballad, but it’s not one. The song starts in a piano-laced production and builds into a mid-tempo. It’s a solid track and it is different, which is why it is tolerable. I don’t see it as a single material, but the chorus is moderately catchy.


‘Nobody Does it Like You

This one is a bit generic by a small margin, but Selena’s sweet vocals make it work. The cut also has the elements of dubstep after the chorus which helps it stretch far from the full blown generic mess we have been hearing. It is a decent album closer.


This record goes from uptempo to uptempo, which makes it outstanding I have never experience a full pop album without a ballad in between, which is a risk. It maybe lacklustre to those ballad lovers, but that doesn’t take away its epicenes. This former Disney lad has really stepped it up and ventured into a more adult-orientated pop culture. A Great solo debut Ms Gomez.

Overall: 4/5

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  1. Kaos permalink

    Well put together Abey… Couldn’t have read a better review

  2. Thanks. :). Means a lot. Really tried my best.

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