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Just My Two Cents: Nicole Scherzinger

April 6, 2013

ImageShe was the driving force of the best digital selling girl group of all time, the 80th most successful musical act of the 2000s with 52 Million records sold worldwide. Nicole Scherzinger was on top of her game with her sexy kitten outfits and slick choreography, spawning hit after hit with The Pussycat Dolls. She went on to score her first solo Top 10 single on the Billboard Hot Top 100 with ‘Come To Me’ featured by P. Diddy. Later, she decided to put the Dolls aside for her first solo effort “Her Name Is Nicole and surprisingly, every single released tanked on the charts. The label shelved the entire project.

Four years later, she finally released her long awaited debut album in the UK and selected European markets, ‘Killer Love’ which served three top 3 singles on the UK Singles Chart. The album opened at #8 on UK Album Chart and it hasn’t sold a quarter of what she sold with the Dolls. Now we wonder why Nicole hasn’t been as successful with her solo efforts. Here are some of the reasons why I think she’s struggling as a solo artist…

·         Material – Her music is subpar with the rest. It’s generic and sounds like carbon copies of other artist’s records. She doesn’t have her own sound, all she does is take what is on the radios and mash it up to get that hit. The only outstanding singles are her most successful, being ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath‘ and 50Cent assisted, ‘Right There’. Nicole needs to be distinctive and daring because what she is pulling now, ain’t cutting it.

·         Management – does not invest in her solo efforts as much as they did when she was with the Dolls. Her singles are promoted randomly and it confuses the audience.  They keep pushing her single release dates or canceling them numerous times except for ‘Killer Love’, making the public lose interest. I still don’t understand why ‘Her Name Is Nicole’ was never released.  I believe that album was more of her forte, because I honestly think Nicole is an urban artist, not a pop girl.

·         Timing – Nicole’s timing is very awful. She just won’t catch a break. For instance, when she was a judge on the US X Factor, her flawless ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ was her current single in the US and she did not use the platform to perform and do promo for it. Instead she performed a random song ‘Pretty’ which was AMAZING by the way. The general public loved it and it was actually the only time Nicole got great raves with her material. But guess what? The song never got to see the light of the day. Whether the track will feature on her upcoming album or not, we will see.

·         Brand – Nicole doesn’t have a specific brand and I think it is what makes superstars what they are. For example, Rihanna’s brand is the “bad a** chick”, Taylor Swift is the “America’s Sweetheart”, Ke$ha is the “Dirty pop girl” and so forth. Someone on the UKmix music forum said Nicole would fit the “Sl***y Pop girl” and I agree. That’s exactly what The Dolls were and “Whatever U Like” was a perfect example of that, but she took a completely different direction and she got lost in the crown.

·         Talent – Many people didn’t know that Nicole is a classically trained singer who has amazing vocal pipes. But her songs are missing those vocals and it frustrates many. Her sloppy pop songs are meaningless and they alienate her from success even more. She is 34 years old and I think she should sing Celine Dion type of songs as I believe they would suit her vocal range more. Her latest single, ‘Boomerang’ does nothing, I think ‘Poison’ is much stronger.

Nicole is beautiful, amazing vocalist, great dancer, songwriter and she has all the qualities, if not more of what these successful pop girls have. If she gets THAT single that screams NICOLE SCHERZINGER and not Lady Gaga meets Rihanna, I think she can pull off some success in the US. As much as I love her, she’s a Jack of all trades, but a master of none. That’s Just My Two cents.

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