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Album Review: Christina Aguilera – ‘Lotus'(Deluxe Edition)

November 15, 2012

After her commercially disappointing album, ‘Bionic’, the vocal powerhouse returns to the music circuit with her highly anticipated brand new album, ‘Lotus’. ‘Lotus’ has a mixture of pop, R&B and Hip Hop elements and Christina’s vocals soar through each and every track. This album has the most commercial sound from all of her predecessors.

She brought all of her heavy artillery when enlisting the top producers for the record from Alex Da Kid, Max Martin to Busbee.The review is below….

‘Lotus Intro’

‘Lotus’ is a flower which resembles purity, enlightenment and new beginnings. The Alex Da Kid– produced cut sees the pop belle singing about becoming a new person and growing from her past while she floats over a heavy Hip Hop production. Great album opener, but the auto-tune is kind of a let down.


‘Army Of Me’

Christina is no stranger to empowering anthems and she puts them well.. ‘Army Of Me’ is exactly that. As most reviews stated, it does reminisce ‘Fighter’, but not as good. The ad-lips on the last chorus are just amazing. It is a great uplifting song.


‘Red Hot Kinda Love’

Now this is the cutest song on the album. It is fun, catchy and club-ready. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a single treatment, Fresh and not generic. ‘Baby, I’m burning up, you got that Red Hot Kinda Love’… OH yes Aguilera baby!!!! LIFE has been given.


‘Make The World Move’ (ft. Cee Lo)

The first time I took a glimpse at the album’s tracklist, the song I anticipated the most was this one, but unfortunately was in for a disappointment. The song is not horrible, just the production is all over the place and it sounds messy. It starts off cute, but the moment the chorus kicks in, it is a noisy mess. It features her co-judge, Cee Lo Green and he did nothing to the song. Definitely the weakest song on the record.


‘Your Body’

This is the first single from the album and I have to say, they did choose well as it is one of the best songs on the album. Its catchy, naughty, memorable and fun. Max Martin really did make magic with this one. Once again, the ad-libs are amazing. “I think you already Know my name” as she belts, gives chills all over.


“Let There Be Love”

The very first moment I heard the song, I just knew from its intro until it climaxed to a heavy dance beat that its probably another one of the best songs on the album and I was absolutely right. Aguilera went hard with this cut. Its infectiously catchy and addictive, probably the most commercial song on the album. I love how sentimental it is and yet a club anthem. A rare combination indeed, though the song is generic as hell, but Christina’s vocals soared the song apart and definitely making it an outstanding cut. Just amazing.


‘Sing For Me’

Ballads are Christina’s forte and she roars every time she belts out those notes. The song starts off slow as she tones it with low-register until the chorus, where she literally sings her heart out about pain and not caring about how the world thinks of how she sounds. So ironic. But its beautiful song and truly powerful.


‘Blank Page’

Another powerful ballad follows and it sees the vocal prowess reminding the world why she is regarded as the ‘Voice Of This Generation”. She sings about emptiness, forgiveness and waiting for life to start… “Draw me a smile and save me tonight, I’m Blank Page, waiting for you to bring me back to life” as she soars through the piano-laced cut. The cut is penned by Sia and it would make a perfect single. And Those vocals, DAMN Chrissie.


‘Cease Fire’

One of Alex’s produced songs and it has a military kind of a feel to it, not surprising considering the title of the song. ‘Cease Fire’ is basically about making peace and not wasting time on unnecessary things and being free. It is a powerful anthem and she did not disappoint at all. The thundering production blends with her vocals. Making an extraordinary cut. Epic!!!!!


‘All Around The World’

Alex Da Kid did not play with this one as it is one of the outstanding songs on the album. The song is catchy and the heavy production makes the song flawless. Lyrics are sexy. I mean… “We can talk dirty in different language ”Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir”.. GIRL!!! What kinda epicness???? and everything just blends in. The Clubs will eat this one up…



Every time I listen to this cut, I can’t help but laugh. I mean who else can curse in such a flawless manner? “Spin around in Circles on my middle, middle finger.” NOT Chrissie going in on haters, telling them to grow the f**k up. Its a cute song, but the production on the chorus is slightly annoying. The verses are epic though.


Best Of Me

Back to an uplifting ground as she soars with a guitar and drums driving cut. it is mainly about staying strong after being kicked out and trying your level best to stay afloat and remaining undefeated.”I will rise undefeated, you will never let you bring me down”. Beautiful, bold and empowering. However, the song sounds redundant to one of her songs on the album.. Still, the message makes the song come alive.


Just A Fool (with Blake Shelton)

This is a duet with her other The Voice fellow co-judge, Blake Shelton. Most reviewers slammed this song for falling out if place and I disagree with this. The song is amazing and its miles better than the mess she did with Cee Lo. Its flawless and about to crack the Top 10 on the US iTunes. So, it won’t make any sense if they don’t push it as her second single.


‘Light Up The Sky’

Yet another inspirational song, but still redundant, but it is not much of a surprise. Alex Da Kid produced most of the songs, so in most cases, it was expected though I feel it makes artist slaughtered by critics.


‘Empty Words’

I couldn’t have asked for a better closing song. THIS is probably the best.. WAIT!! Not probably, it is the BEST song on the album. Powerful, strong, catchy, sentimental, encouraging, empowering, flawless and it hits instantly. The song reinforces being strong enough to withhold your own and not let anything put you down for whatever reason. Busbee never cease to disappoint. If this doesn’t become a single, then I will know how stupid her record label is.


With no patch to her previous albums, ‘Lotus’ tries. ‘Stripped’, ‘Back To Basics’ and ‘Bionic’ still remain far superior from this one. As how will the album fair on the charts, it is still to be determined..

Overall Score 3.5/5

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