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New Song: Kat DeLuna – ‘Blaze It Up'(ft. Busta Rhymes)

November 9, 2012

The way Kat DeLuna is underrated makes me seethe and its frustrating as hell. A new record of hers surfaced and well, the results are……………………………………. EPIC!!!!!

The song is monstrous and catchy, from vocals to production. Dominican bomb shell features her long time collaborator, Busta Rhymes and OH! BOY!!! Did they serve the song. This era, Kat has been providing some hot material. Her first single, ‘Drop It Low’ is amazing and it did very poor chart wise. Failing to chart almost every country.

I love how she never discard her latin flavored songs. They truly show how far she has come with her sound. The club-ready anthem sees Kat soaring throughout the chorus and providing cute rap verses on the hooks, whilst the catchy beat just makes everything blend in and Busta Rhymes delivered a stella verse, but I do feel Kat’s ad-libs towards the end could’ve been stronger. Sometimes its hard to believe how vocally talented and how of an incredible dancer she is.

The cut is lifted from the singer’s latest recording sessions of her forthcoming album, ‘Viva Out Loud’ set to be released in 2013. You can take a listen here.

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