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New Song: Eve – ‘She Bad Bad’

October 9, 2012
Eve's single artwork for 'She Bad Bad'

Eve’s single artwork for ‘She Bad Bad’

She’s BACK and raw as ever. Eve’s new single ‘She Bad Bad’ just premiered a few hours ago and its nothing short of amazing. The production goes hard and the lyrics are on point. ‘She Bad Bad’ sees E-V-E spitting shots about her comeback in the game over a thunderous beat.

The verses are fire and the bass is heart throbbing. This is Eve’s forte and I love the fact that she did not jump on the bandwagon like many of her peers have just to get ‘that hit song’. However, the hook is kind of annoying. The Nigerian-ish accent ‘Oh She Bah Bah, Oh She Bah Bah’ is a bit over the top, but everything else is pure perfection.

It’s so refreshing to hear her again. She still goes hard as the Eve we have grown to know. But will it encounter success? With the current trends going on, it is really hard to tell. The JukeBox produced cut is out on iTunes and it is lifted from the Emcee’s forthcoming album, ‘LipLock’. No dates has been announced regarding the album’s release.

I can already see clubs BOPPING to this.

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