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Monde misses the finale

September 25, 2012

With the finale literally being just five days away, the competition is getting stiffer. Monde was eliminated from the Top 3, leaving Khaya and Melissa to go head-to-head this coming weekend for the grand price.

This comes after his performances on Sunday. The contestants performed three songs each and Monde got mixed criticism from all the performances and I think that is what worked against him. But what I don’t get is the hate for Melissa. People are adamant about her leaving the competition, but they never seem to care for their favourites. I mean some went as far as saying she doesn’t have a good voice. I mean what’s that?

Everyone deserves the top spot. All of them, the way Melissa is being treated is not fair at all. It reminds me of season six where everyone wanted Sindi out of the competition. People need to re-evaluate themselves and I am dead serious.

Khaya and Melissa will battle it out at the finale for the grand price. The voting lines are open until the 1st of October. Check out the voting details below.

To vote for Melissa, sms ’07’ to 37400
To vote for Khaya, Sms ’08’ to 37400 or alternatively, you can vote via Mxit or on the idols website.

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