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Nosipho Departs SA Idols

August 14, 2012

In the twist of events, Nosipho gets voted out of the competition. After the Sunday show, most people thought Dominic would be the one to exit the show since his performance was the least favourite amongst all the contestants. The judges were not kidding when they pleaded the public to vote for their favourites contestants..

It is really depressing to see someone with such power and personality gets voted out. I did mention in my previous post that Nosipho and Chloe are not going to get the boot. Clearly I was wrong. I sorely based my judgment on their performances and I guess I underestimated the power of public voting. However, I did add that their performances were a bit weak.

It is not entirely the end of the road for Nosipho. Soul phenomenon, Zama Jobe was eliminated almost during the same stage as hers, but she prevailed and went on to be one of the best artists South Africa has ever cropped.

And the battle continues……..

Top 8 will go head to head this Sunday on Mzansi(107) and M-Net(101) – at 17h30.

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  1. Another Black contestant gone? O.o

  2. Lol. I know, we’ll see. Its gonna be an interesting season for sure.

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