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Montana Gears Up For Its Second Season

January 10, 2012
Charles Terties plays Victor on Montana.

Charles Terties plays Victor on Montana.

YEEEESSSSSSS. Life is about to be given. It is finally happening. My last post was basically about South African television industry creating more riveting drama on our screens.

Well, one of the best local drama ever to grace our television screens is gearing up for its second season after its successful first season run. It was confirmed by one of its main stars, Charles Tertiens who plays the role of Victor Jordaan. Tertiens updated the following on his facebook page:

“Charles Tertiens
Get ready for Montana Season 2 … it’s at your door step ;)”
so, I’m guessing he is returning to his character this season. HOORAY!!!!!

This is really great news indeed. I really hope it is going to be flawless as its predecessor. And I trust they’ve kept ALL of its original cast. They were all stunning and they way they portrayed their characters in different backgrounds was absolutely amazing.

I am not sure about its premiere date and Charles did not say much about it either, but the teaser was absolutely worth it. If you missed the entire first season, you can read all about its plot, synopsis and amazing characters here: TVSA

I am ready to get slayed…..

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