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Where is SA’s best local drama?

January 6, 2012

Will shows like ‘Montana’, ‘Society’, ‘Ingani zoBaba’, ‘Ugugu no Andile’ and ‘Home Affairs’ grace our screens again? Those shows were arguably the best we’ve had in a long time if not ever. Well scripted, groundbreaking performances and stella execution, though we have some comedy here and there, but drama is the most captivating.

To be quite honest, We need shows like those, where everything is just flawless and epic. I know we have ‘Skeem Saam’ and ‘Ekasi Stories’, which are not bad. What I’m saying is, shows like these should be aired left, right and centre because they are relevant to our society and they represent SA best.

Well, of course, epic productions need epic actors like the multiple Emmy Award Nominee drama, Home Affairs. The storyline captivated from the first season and grew from strength to strength. Productions of that magnitude, which are recognised internationally are needed.

Montana is also one of the epic dramas we have had. Its a pity that its taking too long to gear up for its second season. The way is was so good, I even ended up watching repeats all over again. Come South African Film and Television Awads(SAFTAs) and its going to slay like nobody’s business.

Roberta Durrant is simply the best as she is the mastermind behind such flawless productions. We need more Robertas in this industry. Bongi Ndaba(head writer of Generations) is also a force to be reckoned with. Her writing is always on point. We need people like that, who takes their craft with passion. I’m not saying others don’t, they just need to up their game. Just saying..

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